• Vanpowers bikes come with a limited warranty of up to 6 years from the date the customer receives the bike. This warranty is still valid if the bike is transferred to another owner.
  • Warranty claims must be made directly to Vanpowers. Any repairs while under warranty need to be executed by Vanpowers or approved by Vanpowers in advance. If not, Vanpowers has the right to refuse the warranty claim.

Parts covered by warranty

Part Warranty Period
Frame 6 years
Front fork 2 years
Chain wheel 1 year
Handlebar 1 year
Seat tube 1 year
Chain 1 year
Derailleur 1 year
Mechanical disc brakes 1 year
Grips 1 year
Battery 2 years or 600 charge–discharge cycles
Controller 2 years
Tires 1 year
Pedal 1 year
Kickstand 1 year
Bottom bracket 1 year
Brake lever 1 year
Saddle 1 year
Motor 2 years
Sensor 2 years
Throttle 1 year
Light 1 year
Display 1 year
Rims 1 year
Charger 1 year
Fender 1 year

Limited Warranty Guidelines & Exceptions

  • During the warranty period, if any core parts are broken, we will provide a new bike for free. If any non-core parts covered by warranty are damaged, we will send replacement parts for free, including shipping. Once the warranty has expired, customers will need to purchase any replacement parts/accessories themselves and pay for shipping.
  • The warranty does not cover any consumables; any non-original or unauthorized parts; any covered part that has undergone normal wear and tear; or any covered part that has sustained damage due to failure to abide by the user manual, force majeure, accident, theft, intentional destruction, misuse, neglect, abuse, alteration, modification, improper assembly, user error, water damage, extreme riding, stunt riding, or improper/unauthorized maintenance and service.
  • For batteries, the warranty does not cover damage caused by improper charger use, improper maintenance or other misuse, normal wear and tear, water damage (batteries should be stored in a dry environment with a relative humidity of less than 85%), or improper storage (battery storage temperature should be controlled at 20–35 °C as much as possible).
  • Worn parts (including but not limited to tires, tubes, brake pads, parts with suspension, and cables) are not covered by warranty. We still provide assistance with these parts for a reasonable price, if needed.